Water treatment


We effectively purify the most complex water from surface sources. At the output — standard quality according to SanPiN

We fulfill contractual obligations in full and in short time

We repair and maintain water treatment systems after installation and the end of the warranty

We have adequate market prices for water treatment complexes and their maintenance

Quality standards are equally high for all directions and at any complexity

We train your staff to carry out routine inspections, repairs, and station settings

Water treatment

Water treatment is bringing contaminated water from various sources to the required specifications. This requires a multi-stage cleaning cycle. The MSB company designs automatic water treatment systems. Our projects have large durability resource, we apply modern solutions and account for the specifics and budget of the enterprise.

Our services

  • Design/planning

    We produce design and working documentation, in full accordance with GOST, but taking into account the features of the object

  • Design documentation

    We build 3D models of water treatment systems, attach specifications for all components and materials.

  • Automation and dispatching

    We create automated control systems of high complexity and accuracy for enterprises of almost any profile: from heavy industry to food production.

  • Production and supply of components

    We produce certain components at our facilities. All parts of the system are selected according to the principle of “maximum efficiency + resistance to wear + ease of maintenance”.

  • Installation and commissioning of the system

    We assemble the system, set up all operating modes and bring it to the planned performance

  • After-sales service

    We organize field service. The agreement can be concluded for any period, including after the end of the warranty. If necessary, we train your engineers and technicians.


How we work

Water requirements for boiler rooms and for carbonated drinks are very different, so it is strictly prohibited to copy the schemes. We make designs individually for each enterprise.

We make the most detailed lists of requirements for all objects. The most important thing is the regulatory characteristics. For example, during water treatment for thermal power plants, it is necessary to avoid deposits and sludge accumulation in pipelines. In addition to the chemical analysis of the supplied water, it is important to study its microbiological characteristics. Be sure to take into account the important parameters for you: budget, continuous water supply, features of placement and installation.

It is important to choose not a fast or cheap, but a technologically optimal option. How many stages will there be in the water treatment system, whether reverse osmosis or ion exchange is needed, what kind of disinfection should be provided — we combine equipment for all stages into an effective system with the right level of purification. We perform turnkey assembly and complete system configuration. As a result, you get stable quality water, installation with a long service life and reduced financial and time costs.

What are the tasks of industrial water treatment for production facilities that we solve

  • ОWe purify water from any sources: reservoirs, wells, central water supply. We develop a system specifically for your request: sterilization, enhanced filtration, reverse osmosis and more.
  • We provide a cost-benefit study. If it is advisable to combine or replace the water treatment stages in order to reduce the estimate, we will do it — but only if the quality at the outlet is preserved.
  • We supply turnkey components: from metering pumps to softeners. We have our own production, we produce some of the equipment ourselves. This is useful for the budget: both costs and deadlines are reduced.
  • Cleaning in our systems is always complex. We do not just disinfect or soften water, but remove all contaminants from hydrogen sulfide to humic substances. The water at the outlet will exactly correspond to drinking or industry standards for LOC.

Water treatment and purification technologies

  • To purify the water from sand and clay particles, decantation is carried out. Sometimes this measure is necessary even for water from the city water utility, if the pipeline has not been repaired for a long time and the highways are worn out
  • Harmful bacteria and viruses are destroyed by disinfection. It can be physical or chemical. In the first case, fluorine, chlorine or ozone compounds are used, in the second — ultrasound and ultraviolet.
  • Excess iron is removed from the water using backfill filters and materials that accelerate oxidation. It is called de-ironing.
  • For purification from various organic impurities, water passes through several layers of sorbent. These are usually activated carbon or zeolites.
  • To reduce the hardness of water, it is necessary to reduce the content of calcium and magnesium. To do this, the liquid is passed through an ion exchange unit, the treatment is called softening.
  • When removing manganese and hydrogen sulfide, reagent-free aeration is effective. As a result of a chemical reaction with oxygen, undesirable substances precipitate, then impurities are removed.
  • During demineralization, water passes through reverse osmosis units. In the process, the concentrate saturated with mineral salts and suspended particles larger than 5 microns is removed.

Carrying out the selection of effective industrial water treatment type for production

There are several control points in the source data.

  • The required capacity of the water treatment plant.
  • Characteristics of the water outlet. Norms for the food industry and fish farms differ from municipal or energy ones.
  • Water inlet parameters: chemical and microbiological composition, degree of contamination.
  • Conditions for using water: whether it will pass through production plants and which ones, what is critical in the operation of these plants — for example, scale or corrosion should not form.

There are no standard solutions in water treatment. Even at similar enterprises at a distance of 100 km, the systems will be different: at least because water sources, throughput, and process automation capabilities differ. In addition to the basic norms, there may be additional, more stringent requirements. For example, ultrafiltration to reduce certain contaminants.

To create an effective water treatment plant, you need to analyze everything: from the results of surveys to the conditions of technological connection. Only after that we design:

  • installation plan,
  • components for it: membranes, pipelines, sterilizers, degreasers and other components up to valves and taps,
  • the levels of purification and the necessary reagents.

In the final documentation, in addition to the explanatory note, the technological part and the parameters of the equipment, there is a complete scheme of power supply and automation, as well as all the necessary calculations.

We do not just give the customer the drawings of the system and the communication plan. We carry out a full range of work — from the selection and delivery of equipment to maintenance after the end of the warranty.



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